Hello 2024!!

Ok, so I know it's mid-February but it's still important to recognise we are in a new year, so HELLO 2024!

If you're an OG, you'll know I've started the year off with a new direction in sights. Now this isn't to take anything away from the years I've had and the customers/clients I've helped, but offfftttt I'm excited. This is also the first blog post I've written since 2016 for my fitness business (more on that later) and I already know the direction I'm heading this year, and it involves more blogs, articles and reviews. If you are new here, WELCOME. A few things about me, Ren, the founder of She Made. I am a wife, mama to 4 beautiful little humans, I absolutely love mindfulness, movement and looking after ourselves holistically. I am also a teacher, so this is as the cool kids say, my side hustle. In all honesty though I am so lit up by my business that I hope one day soon it becomes my full-time job. In a way it's still focusing on teaching, just not in a usual classroom setting. When I host workshops, I don't usually use my 'teacher voice', but sometimes I do. Depends on the audience, women no, a group of 5-7 years old YES haha. 

As you can tell I love affirmations, starting my days with intentional rituals and always prioritising myself to ensure my cup is overflowing. A huge intention of mine is to have a shining light effect on others. This will become evident the more you see me, if it hasn't already.  

Anyways, more to come but I just wanted to say hello. I'm so excited & grateful you are here.

With love & gratitude,



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